Seed to Sale Software for Cannabis and Cultivation

It’s no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. Cannabis is already big business all over America - with several states already having legalized medically and even recreationally, and with full federal legalization in Canada on the horizon, promised for summer 2018, the business of cannabis is about to get even bigger. And the impact will be felt in many aspects of life across the continent - and beyond. We at Cannalogic are Canada's #1 Seed to Sale Cannabis Software Company.

From potential changes in everything from driving law to human resources policy, not to mention economics and job creation, cannabis is going to be in the news, and people will be adjusting to these many anticipated changes - for a long while.

Technology, as always, will have a hand in it.

In agriculture, they call the software that manages it all “Farm To Fork” but in the world of medical and recreational marijuana, they call it “Seed to Sale” Cannabis. And it is JUST what it sounds like. Seed to sale cultivation and technology answers the concerns and fills the needs of government and regulatory bodies, who have an interest in tracking each plant literally every step of the way - from the time it is a seed to the time an authorized customer buys it from a storefront.

Seed to sale cannabis tracking software goes a long way towards assauging the fears of government representatives that cannabis will otherwise get into the hands of young people (or in regions where it is only medically legal, other unauthorized persons.) Seed to sale tracks every plant at every stage.

With its groundbreaking new product launch, Vancouver based Cannalogic is making their mark as the leaders in the emerging cannabis field - pun intended! Their new product has been called the first true seed to sale software solution. Metrc certified, It’s a true turn key operation not only for large scale cannabis producers, but also for dispensary owners. Early adapters are reporting the use of the CannaLogic seed to sale cannabis software has improved their business markedly in many regards. With unique apps that notify managers and suppliers whenever a strain is getting low, and a truly exciting uber-like cannabis delivery app and CannaLogic’s own payment wallet where customers are happy to receive the occasional deposit of free money to spend on product...CannaLogic really does make the life of a dispensary owner much easier - and the budtenders and customers like it too!

Seed to sale cultivation from the growing space to the dispensary counter, is expected to see many players. It’s important that potential buyers do their due diligence and really learn the differences in what each software can offer - not to mention all the extras! CannaLogic leads them all with an impressive team of senior engineers who have turned their experience and attention to the cannabis world. An ethical company that always goes the extra mile to ensure they are putting the very best in terms of excellent product and superior customer service into the seed to sale cannabis marketplace.

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