Seed to Sale POS Software

Industry watchers are excited about CannaLogic’s new seed to sale retail solution. Vastly improving on seed to sale POS systems already on the market, CannaLogic has also added groundbreaking new apps to help dispensaries manage all aspects of their business. After years of study and consultation with dispensary owners, large scale producers, regulatory bodies and other industry players, Canna Logic has come out ahead of the pack.

While some software companies specialize in seed to sale for large scale cannabis producers, and others focus more on seed to sale retail, only CannaLogic has gone several steps further. The people behind CannaLogic have experience comparable to none - their senior engineers have impeccable resumes in developing secure platforms, and their apps are truly new to the industry.

Seed to Sale Retail Software Canada

In the last year or so in Canada, some very sophisticated and professional retail operations have emerged on the cannabis scene across the country, and they serve a true cross section of the Canadian population. It is these dispensaries that CannaLogic exists to serve. “CannaLogic REALLY helped us step up our game and our presence in the marketplace,” said one Vancouver based dispensary owner. “We were the first to offer anything like what CannaLogic gives us the framework for - and it really made a difference. People noticed.”

Dispensary owners that are using CannaLogic say that it has vastly improved their operation. “Previously we’d been using a US based retail POS, and what first got my attention was being in Canada we found it was really important to use one that had a North America wide perspective. Our customers really love the caregiver app - it’s a lot easier when they can literally track their package from A to Z. They’re not stuck waiting in one place for it to arrive, they’re kept updated. People like it a lot, it’s definitely got us more loyal customers. What makes my job a whole lot easier, though, is the inventory app that lets me - and our suppliers - know when we are getting low on any particular strain.”

Cannabis Seed to Sale Software

Budtenders say CannaLogic’s seed to sale POS makes their lives easier, too. “It’s VERY user friendly and easy to use. It walks you right through every sale and makes sure you get everything right…. I’m really grateful for that, especially when I have a non stop lineup of a ton of people and I’m feeling pressured to get them all served quickly. With the CannaLogic Seed to sale cannabis tracking software, I don’t have to panic - I just have to pay attention, and the sale pretty much completes itself!”

With the official product launch still to come, these early adaptors expect to see CannaLogic cornering the market on seed to sale retail in North America . And with their engineers ever working on ways to improve life for seed to sale cannabis business owners and their workers, - they are certain to be leaders in the industry’s future. Smart dispensaries are getting in on the ground floor with CannaLogic so they can start offering the best in service and product selection to their customers right now!

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