New Employee Onboarding POS Software.
CannaLogic will ensure your team quickly knows what they’re supposed to do, how to do it, and why.
Less only exists to make doing easier than ever.

CannaLogic’s Onboard team member will educate and train all employees if acquired. It is the process of integrating your employees into your organization and its NEW culture.

CannaLogic’s Onboarding process will help adjust the social performance aspects of your employees. They will all quickly become more productive, contributing more to your organization. CannaLogic’s onboarding process will Maximize the Success of your transition, and we will provide our expertize to create an effective transition process.

CannaLogic’s POS initial Onboarding is a structured process that will require 4 part session:

Part 1. 45min required

  1. POS app
  2. Consumer app / Registration station
  3. E commerce POS

Part 2. 45min required

  1. Backend Admin
  2. Inventory control / RFID
  3. Reporting / Tools

Part 3. Optional – Delivery app: 1hr required

  1. CareGiver App (driver app)
  2. Dispatcher App
  3. Consumer App

Part 4. Training staff LIVE – 2 weeks prior booking required

  1. Train staff on all applications
  2. Manuel provided for all apps

Online Onboarding requirements

  1. Book 2 days in advance
  2. Please go to www.zoom.us > Register

We will be sharing our screen with you providing our roadmap to the POS and e commerce platform.

Boost business growth

Engagement should be the objective of any onboarding process, not just because it builds culture and rapport, but because it also drives business growth. Facts remain employees who were highly engaged with their company had 147% higher earnings per share than their competition and that’s the power CannaLogic is brining to your business.

Encourage open communication

When you switch POS providers it can be intimidating at times, however our onboarding process will provide the structure and settings for new growth in the workplace without the pressure. Our onboarding goes a long way towards fostering the kind of environment employees thrive in.

To Book our onboarding please click here

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