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Online Marijuana Delivery Service

Pssst! Have you heard? With all the news about cannabis, marijuana, pot, maryjane in 2017...even the most in-the-know cannabis news reader might have missed this! Something every cannabis business owner - and cannabis consumer whether recreational or medical will want to know about… Yes! There’s a fantastic new marijuana delivery service in is right across North America, actually… and it’s going international, too!

It doesn’t seem possible, does it? Well, if you haven’t ordered cannabis for home delivery in awhile, (or if you haven’t heard about CannaLogic yet!) you might think we’re talking about your old school neighborhood pot dealer. No - that guy has seen some serious competition lately, with professional, trustworthy medical marijuana delivery offering a wonderful variety of cannabis flower, extract, topicals...- because now, there’s a fantastic app for that!

There really IS an app for marijuana delivery service!

From the Senior Development Team at Vancouver based company CannaLogic, this new Marijuana Delivery Service App is truly taking the cannabis industry by storm. Like Uber for those who need a ride, or SkipTheDishes for those who want to order from the best of local food; the CannaLogic Caregiver App makes life easy for the customer; and provides employment and opportunity for drivers. Dispensary owners are able to offer secure and trusted delivery, pick up, and a unique wallet option that sends “free money” to customers as an occasional surprise to encourage customer loyalty and vastly increase customer satisfaction. Customers especially love the convenience of being able to track exactly where their product is in real time. (No one likes waiting around all day!)

Best Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Canada

This exciting app bringing marijuana delivery service into the modern era - and it’s right in line with CannaLogic’s other offerings. User friendly, attractive, and functional, Cannalogic truly offers a one stop, turnkey solution for all aspects of dispensary management. Dispensary owners and staff using CannaLogic across North America report a marked improvement in all aspects of their business from inventory control to delivery and pickup to Point of Sale (POS). The company expects to vastly improve their market share in 2018 with federal legalization to become a reality in Canada during the summer. Meanwhile, in the United States, more and more states looking at recreational legalization even as medical patients demand access country wide. There’s no stopping this emerging business of marijuana, and with CannaLogic leading the way, cannabis consumers can expect increased professionalism from the dispensaries that serve them. CannaLogic makes it easy!

CannaLogic is based in science and research. They consulted for many years with industry players before launching their product. Today, they continue to investigate the needs of the industry and its customers, finding new ways to improve operations and solve industry problems. CannaLogic company officials are already in discussions with governments and regulators in various local and international marketplaces; and are well poised to continue to offer the large scale producers and dispensary owners who work with them the very best in technological solutions for today’s emerging cannabis industry.

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