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CannaLogic Plant Tracker

Piece of hardware that defines growing with ease.

An innovative hardware component of CannaLogic is our Plant tracker Seed to sale App. It’s an advanced application that is supported by IOS and Android including Motorola MC 3200. It has a wireless barcode scanner with portable computer for ease of use.

The plant tracker device app can be used for cultivation, secure packaging environments, retail POS to online e commerce and more. Government compliance is in our DNA so CannaLogic provides the most accurate inventory control platform on the market today. Here is how:

Plant Tracker

Utilizing the plant tracker will monitor from seed to harvest with perfect accuracy. Our software technology was designed to identify exactly every gram produced in real time.

Blockchain Harvesting

At harvest time you may have experienced keeping track of every gram challenging. Not anymore, as CannaLogic Blackchain Plant tracker app will help monitor every step of the way from the Mother room to harvest completion using the latest scanning software technology.

Packaging tracker app

In addition to an external bar coding system, additional tracking and monitoring is available utilizing a radio-frequency identification (RFID) tracking chip embedded in the packaging. This access point of tracking is very important as Government regulators require to identify this step of seed to sale.

Growing and producing

CannaLogic seed to sale digital barcode platform tracks every growth movement including plant destruction.

Recall notification console

Our barcode tracking feature will unable you to monitor every single purchase made which can be traced in the matter of seconds. Including the farm that produced the product and more.

Quality assurance control RPIC

CannaLogic provides a QA component to the seed to sale platform. This provides instant information to government regulatory agencies. Having clear access to your qualified QA personal including their professional profile and more.

Inventory control

Not only will our inventory control platform track dried products but also ALL related Cannabis products. It will keep track of all record logs to perfection.

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