It’s time for software that just works.

We are a turnkey cannabis retail and hybrid-delivery platform that provides you with custom eCommerce, including consumer apps that increase sales and promotes loyalty

Tired of all the broken promises and headaches?

Meet Cannalogic. We take care of all your technology, compliance and marketing.

We feel your pain.

Lots of moving parts that need to work together but rarely do.

We’re not just some SaaS!

It’s never one size fits all. We work together to ensure that all your efforts are seamlessly aligned with your ambitious goals.

A serious business requires serious partners.

We innovate, support and take full technical responsibility for your business’s success.

Compliant. Integrated. Reliable.

Sell, deliver and ship more cannabis by working smarter than harder.

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See for yourself and test drive our fully integrated solution built for cannabis retailers by cannabis experts.

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Integrated with some of the best compliant, delivery, point of sale, and marketing partners in the cannabis industry.

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Processed over 1,250,000 Cannabis Deliveries since 2017